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Category: Clinical Diagnostics

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The Anoxomat® III uses the evacuation and replacement method of McIntosh & Fildes to create anaerobic, microaerophilic, or custom environments, such as capnophilic. This method is the most efficient means of bacterial cultivation. Anoxomat’s easy operation and its built-in quality assurance program guarantees reliable results. The system is unique as it creates repeatable environmental conditions for the clinical, industrial, food safety, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology microbiology laboratories.

With laboratories eager to accurately identify bacteria, reduce costs, and operate in limited workspace, the Anoxomat is a substitute to conventional methods like anaerobic gas chambers and gas generating sachet systems. These methods can be resource-intensive, error-prone, and cumbersome to handle. The Anoxomat, with its line of high-quality anaerobic jars, allows laboratories to improve workflow, increase productivity — and save on operational costs.

The system’s capacity can be updated and expanded at any time — according to your laboratory’s needs.


RAPID AND ROBUST RESULTSExact, repeatable environmental conditions with gas mixtures within desired values.
REDUCES COSTS AND LABORATORY WASTELow gas consumption, with substantial operational savings over gas generating sachet systems and chambers, means a lower cost of ownership.
Automatic quality assurance program runs before each recipe to detect and ensure appropriate catalyst activity, therefore eliminating guesswork and frustration.
TRACK & TRACE COMPATIBILITYEasily trace and track samples for quality control with software options. Optional barcode scanner and printer simplify patient information input.
UNMATCHED FLEXIBILITYAllows users to take plates in and out of jars and return to the anaerobic environment in minutes—instead of hours.
WORKFLOW EFFICIENCYAutomatic, one-button operation. Process jars while you work, increasing overall laboratory efficiency.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMINGCreates anaerobic, microaerophilic, or custom environments, such as capnophilic, all with one instrument. It also offers users the ability to program recipes with the optional “User Generating Recipes” function.

Products & Supplies

ANX1J1G1 Jar & 1 Gas Connection
ANX1J2G1 Jar & 2 Gas Connections
ANX1J3G1 Jar & 3 Gas Connections
ANX2J1G2 Jar & 1 Gas Connection
ANX2J2G2 Jar & 2 Gas Connections
ANX2J3G2 Jar & 3 Gas Connections
ANX3J1G3 Jar & 1 Gas Connection
ANX3J2G3 Jar & 2 Gas Connections
ANX4J1G4 Jar & 1 Gas Connection
AJ9025Holds one stack 12 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
Holds one stack of microtiter plates, 13x9 cm dia.
Holds one stack of 10 Petri dishes, 14.5 cm
AJ9028Holds three stacks of 12 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
AJ9049Holds two stacks of 6 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
AJ9050Holds two stacks of 12 Petri dishes, 9-10cm dia.
Petri Dish Holders
PH 1040Holds 12 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
PH 1050Holds three stacks of 12 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
PH 1060Holds 6 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
PH 1070Holds 10 Petri dishes, 14.5 cm dia.
PH 1080Holds three stacks of 12 Petri dishes, 6 cm dia.
PH 1090Holds One Stack of Microtiter Plates, 13 x 9 cm dia.
TH0000For use with AJ9023, holds 14 (16mm tubes)
Petri Dish Holders
AN2BCSBarcode scanner
AN2DIData interface
AN2GCAdditional Gas Connection
AN2ISC1Registration input screen
AN2JCAdditional Jar Connection
AN2PPRPre-Programmed Recipes
AN2TP1Recipe printer, Thermal Paper or Medical Grade Paper
AN2TP3Dot Matrix Printer for Plain Paper
AN2TTTrack & Trace Package
AN2UPFUser Programming Function
AN3146Palladox™ disposable sachet, compatible with all jar sizes