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About Us

Applied Biological Tools Trader incorporated as per existing rule of the Government of Nepal on April 2008, specializes from dealing with tools and equipment, marketing, diagnostic kits ,Maintenance and Services of the system as per customer requirement. Our business firm is the journey we believe our business needs to take to reach its objectives and written as a simple document. This will help you guide about business firm and will include activities such as marketing and financial forecasts. We are the team of diversified members moving ahead in order to fulfill our accomplished goal. Our main aim is to sale high quality product as per the requirement of customer. We have a good relationship with the Journal of Medical Marketing. The Journal aims to facilitate excellence in marketing and strategic management in the pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic and other markets in which the customer is a clinician or related professional.

Objectives for the Medical Marketing Group The objectives of our group are:

  • To sale high quality product meeting the standard marketing demand of medical field.
  • To promote marketing excellence in these sectors.
  • To promote the Institute in the medical and healthcare industry sectors facilitating with advance and modern technology equipments.
  • To recruit new members and encourage greater membership penetration in the medical andhealthcare sectors.
  • Focus of excellence in healthcare marketing.
  • To inform members of changes in the marketing environment and their implications andpromote high, professional marketing standards.